Seek & Find : Emotions version anglaise


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Description : Seek & Find : Emotions version anglaise

Seek & Find: Emotions is designed to help children aged 2 to 5 recognize the basic emotions —happiness, fear, anger, sadness, and disgust—in a range of different people. With this classic Seek & Find activity, kids also learn how various situations can elicit a whole range of emotions.
Our games are centered on parent-child interaction. Active participation from the parent will create a unique learning environment. Our games are educational, no doubt about it, but they’re also designed to create amazing family memories!
Superior game quality : Our products are built for longevity. Our sturdy boxes can take a hit and withstand brutal handling, our jigsaw boards are designed to last, and our cards are laminated, for additional protection.
2 to 5 years old | 2 to 4 players
Contents : 4 scenes (2 doublesided game boards), 10 Emotion tokens, 40 Emotion cards, 20 Object cards, Instructional Guide for parents, Rule sheet


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